Monday, January 31, 2011

Lets See....

So this weekend we had such a great time! Friday night our family and Kelly's family went and registered our boys for T-Ball!!! I am beyond excited!! Bring on the sports, im ready!!! Caden will be playing for Calera since that is where we will eventually be living. It only made sense where we could meet people out that way and Caden could make friends with future classmates! Gage and him will be on the same team so thats pretty exciting since they are "best buds". Saturday we went and got all of his Tball stuff!! Shoes, bat, pants, everything! It was so much fun! After that since it was so pretty outside, we went to the park and spent about 3 hours there playing baseball with Caden. Not being conceited or anything but i think i am going to have one GREAT baseball player on my hands! He is already good at hitting the ball and he has an arm on him. Which is fine with me because i love baseball! On Sunday we went and got me an ELIPTICAL machine!!! I was so excited about it! I would like to get the rest of this weight off before baby #2 rolls around! Ha! Well i will update you guys later! We hope you enjoy ready about whats going on in the Barrett house!

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