Monday, January 31, 2011

Lets See....

So this weekend we had such a great time! Friday night our family and Kelly's family went and registered our boys for T-Ball!!! I am beyond excited!! Bring on the sports, im ready!!! Caden will be playing for Calera since that is where we will eventually be living. It only made sense where we could meet people out that way and Caden could make friends with future classmates! Gage and him will be on the same team so thats pretty exciting since they are "best buds". Saturday we went and got all of his Tball stuff!! Shoes, bat, pants, everything! It was so much fun! After that since it was so pretty outside, we went to the park and spent about 3 hours there playing baseball with Caden. Not being conceited or anything but i think i am going to have one GREAT baseball player on my hands! He is already good at hitting the ball and he has an arm on him. Which is fine with me because i love baseball! On Sunday we went and got me an ELIPTICAL machine!!! I was so excited about it! I would like to get the rest of this weight off before baby #2 rolls around! Ha! Well i will update you guys later! We hope you enjoy ready about whats going on in the Barrett house!

My Husband! WOW!

Ok so the other night me and my hubby are in the car with caden and a song comes on called "Family Man". As soon as the song came on Coty looked at me and said "Babe this song is my song and it reminds me of yall." Listen to the song! Its pretty amazing and for Coty to say that, um tears!!!

Pretty amazing huh? I think so! Coty has a full time job and stuff but just the fact that the song is about "Family". I just have to say i am so blessed! I have an amazing Husband, An AMAZING little boy who amazes me everyday, and great friends!

Till next time!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Last few days.....

Well lets see what have we been up to? On Friday Coty and I went and saw Country Strong and it was a really good movie. On Saturday we went to Gage's Birthday which was alot of fun. My best friend Kelly, which is Gage's Mommy is from New Orleans so all her family and her husbands family were in town. I got to try my first King Cake from New Orleans and it was really good. Sunday we had open house at our house. It went ok. We decided to lower the price on our house so maybe it will be in Gods plans to sell it. I sure hope so, but all we can do is pray that the right person will come along right? Caden started getting sick Sunday night and yesterday i took of work to take my lil man to the doctor. He has bronchitis. Today Coty is home with him and Coty said his throat is my babies are sick. I guess i will go home and take care of them and make them some soup for dinner! :) What a great wife and mommy huh? I sure think so! I think this weekend we are going to take Caden to the movies and i am so excited!

On a diffrent note, school is going great. I just had finals and made 100 on 1 and 98on the other! Go me!

Untill next time....

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Last few days....

Hey guys!
Sorry its been a few days since i last updated. I have been so busy with finals at school! WHEW! Not much has been going on but working, going to school, being the best mommy, and best wife! :)

My Bestest friend found out she was pregnant this week and i am soooooo excited! Another one of my friends also found out she was having a GIRL today!! Babies Babies Babies! Haha

This weekend we have Gage's Birthday party and then on Sunday we have open house. Please say a prayer that God will allow our house to sell when the time is right and hopefully soon.

Caden has been doing good! Just being as cute as always!He starts T-Ball in Feb so i am so looking foward to that. I can not wait to see my baby play ball!next week is pets week at school and he gets to take his turthle to school, he was pretty excited! Coty and I are doing wonderful and are so blessed! Im thankful for that sweet man of MINE!!!!

Well i think its time for bed......untill next time!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

What a long weekend!

This blog will probably be jumble bumble and i will just talk about a few diffrent thinggs!

So we had our "ice storm" Sunday and my work and Caden's school have been closed ever since. Makes for a long weekend! I enjoy it but at the same time i miss my girls at work! Im sure we will be back at work tomorrow, i hope so anyway. While i am off, i am taking advantage of being able to get some house chores done!

Coty's GTO is going to be in the World of Wheels and i am so excited about it! I am in the process of getting his sign made and can not wait to see how it turns out!

We have booked our Disney Cruise and we can not wait to take Caden on it. We live on October 27th which is my Birthday! It will make for such a great Birthday :)

Saturday Night we are going to eat with our close friends, Alex and Kelly. Its their 5th year wedding Anniversary and they ivited us to go wat with them at the

Cheesecake Factory! I got them a sweet gift for their Anniversary! They have been together for a total of 10 years and they have the sweetest little boy named Gage who is also Cadens best friend!

Well i am off to clean house and get some things done!

Untill next time.....

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Bringing in the New Year!

First off we want to say Happy New Year!!! What a great year 2010 was, but i am looking foward to 2011. I can not wait to see what God has in store for us this year. I made some "goals" for this year and i want to accomplish them.
1. Get the rest of this weight off
2. Learn to play my Guitar
3. Watch Coty race the GTO
4. Get our house sold soon and start building our new home!!!
5. Keep our blog up to date
6. Become closer to God
7. And last but not least, add to our little family!! read it right! Coty and I are going to start trying for baby #2 sometime this year! (It will be a suprise, so that is all i am allowed to say! ;)

I hope everyone had a great Chritmas and a great New year! We had an amazing New Year! For Christmas this year, Coty's parents decided to do something a little diffrent. Instead of gifts, they decided to plan a suprise vacation for the family. Jaimee had booked months ago and not told anyone. They told us on Christmas Day where we were going! After a few months of patiently waiting...we found out we were going to GATLINBURG, TN!! We left on December 31st and came back Jan. 3rd! We stayed in a cabin way up in the mountains. It was BEAUTIFUL!!!! I have to say, Jaimee booked the BEST cabin!

Look at the view we had!

It was a really nice trip, and we got to spend a lot of quality time together! It is a vacation i will never forget and i am glad we got to spend it with Coty's family.
Here is a pic of all of us.

Caden is growing up so fast and i can not stand it. I wish God would put a stop on time and let it slow down. I do not like seeing my baby grow up. His vocabulary is amazing and he is so smart. can you believe he will start kindergarten next year? I cant!! Thinking about it makes me want to cry! He has the cutest little best friend named Gage and they are so cute when they are together! All boy!! I have become very close to Kelly who is Gage's Mom and Coty has become close to Alex who is Gage's Dad. It's alot of fun hanging out with them and watching our boys grow up together! The good thing about it is, when we move to Calera, they will be just down the road from us and the boys will be in school together, so that is pretty excited!!

Well i hope you enjoyed the new post and i promise to update it more often!

Love always!
The Barretts!